XTrade Bonus & Review 2018


XTrade Introduction

Xtrade is a large digital trading company, widely known and respected in the finance industry. This brokerage company provides trading services to thousands of clients worldwide. Xtrade was established in 2009 and has already established a reputation of one of the safest and the most stable companies on the market. It is fully regulated and licensed by CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchanges Commission) and is recognized by other organizations within the European Union.

Trading Platform

Xtrade operates its own exclusive trading platform to assist the clients in their transaction needs. Xtrade offers trading services to clients in 140 countries. The traders have more than 150 asset choices, including shares trading (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon…), indices trading (USA 30, Canada 60, US-TECH 100…), commodities trading (gold, silver, corn, oil…), Forex trading (EUR/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/JPY) and many other assets.

Education Center

Xtrade offers a training center for new as well as experienced traders. The company presents a wide range of educational materials, which can help traders build their own unique trading strategy and choose their preferable assets. The learning center offers unique video lessons with expert trader and training sessions with a personal account manager. In addition, Xtrade also offers all traders a welcome package with a free trading guide.

Trading Tools

The company offers users professional charts and graphs for fundamental and technical analysis. In addition, Xtrade sends users trading prompts that present the newest changes in market trends. Based on these trading tools the customers can make better decisions and improve their trading strategies.

Mobile Trading

Xtrade offers users an advanced application so they could trade from their mobile phones. This application is specially customized for users who wish to trade online from their mobiles while they are away from home. Xtrade’s mobile platform is a definite advantage for traders. Mobile trading is very popular today since many people prefer using their mobile phones instead of PCs.

Demo Account

Xtrade offers all users a demo account, which enables virtual trading. All traders receive an opportunity to practice safe trading with a virtual sum of money. This feature is especially important because it allows new and inexperienced traders to test their skills in a risk-free environment. Customers can practice safe trading until they feel confident enough to start trading in a real environment.

XTrade Bonuses

Xtrade offers many promotions and special bonuses for new as well as experienced traders. For example, the phone verification bonus offers all traders a cash bonus of $20, available once per phone number. It is assigned to each user after he enters a code received by SMS. The company also offers a $30 cash account verification bonus. All new users can receive a first deposit bonus of up to 60% of the client’s initial deposit.


All new clients receive a special promotion, fully covering their first deal. If the client doesn’t make a profit on this deal, Xtrade will refund his loss. This special promotion from Xtrade is especially attractive for all new clients who have little or no experience in trading. This promotion enables clients to trade risk-free, which is a useful tool for those clients who just started trading live.





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