Volumes Indicator for Metatrader 5

Volumes Indicator for Metatrader 5

Volumes Indicator for MetaTrader 5 is a powerful tool that sheds light on market liquidity, supply, and demand. Buckle up as we explore how volume can transform your trading game.

Understanding The Pulse Of The Market

The volume indicator in the Forex market quantifies the number of price changes during a specific time. It’s like measuring the heartbeat of the market—the actual traded volumes, contracts, money, and units. But why does volume matter?

  • Supply and Demand: High volume indicates heightened demand (bullish) or supply (bearish). It’s a confirmation of the trend—when volume aligns with price movement, pay attention!
  • Liquidity Insights: Volume reveals market liquidity. Think of it as the fuel that propels price action. Low liquidity? Buckle up for potential volatility.

Why Does Volume Matter?

Volume isn’t mere noise; it’s the heartbeat of the market. Rising volume confirms a trend’s strength. Imagine a stock breaking out to new highs with a surge in volume it’s like applause from the crowd, validating the move. When price and volume diverge, pay attention. If prices rise while volume declines, it’s a red flag. Perhaps smart money is exiting quietly. Price levels with significant historical volumes act as magnets. Traders watch these zones for potential reversals or breakouts.

Unveiling The Arsenal

  • On-Balance Volume (OBV): Tracks cumulative volume to detect trend confirmations or divergences.
  • Money Flow Index (MFI): Combines volume and price data to gauge buying and selling pressure.
  • Accumulation/Distribution (A/D): Measures the flow of money into or out of an asset.

Advanced Strategies

  1. Volume Profile: Dive deeper by analyzing volume at specific price levels. The Volume Profile tool helps identify areas of high liquidity, acting as support or resistance 2.
  2. Hidden Divergence: When price makes higher highs, but volume makes lower highs, it’s a hidden bearish divergence. A precursor to potential reversals.
  3. Volume Spread Analysis (VSA): Developed by Tom Williams, VSA combines price, volume, and spread analysis. It’s like reading the market’s DNA.

How to Trade with Volumes Indicator

How to Trade with Volumes Indicator

Buy Entry

  1. Look for a green histogram on the Buy Sell Volume Indicator.
  2. When the green histogram points up, it indicates an increase in bullish volume.
  3. Consider this as a potential bullish move.
  4. Identify a consolidation period or a sideways market.
  5. Wait for the price to attempt a bullish breakout.
  6. Simultaneously, ensure that the green Buy Sell volume curve rises above its current consolidation range.
  7. The rising volume confirms the breakout.
  8. In an established bullish trend, watch for higher lows.
  9. When the price makes a higher low, check if the volume turns green and moves up.
  10. Set your stop-loss below the recent swing low or a key support level.

Sell Entry

  1. Observe the orange histogram.
  2. When the orange histogram points downward, it indicates a bearish volume.
  3. Be cautious of a potential bearish move.
  4. Identify a consolidation or sideways phase.
  5. Wait for the price to attempt a bearish breakdown.
  6. Simultaneously, ensure that the orange line of the indicator falls.
  7. The declining volume confirms the breakdown.
  8. In an established bearish trend, watch for lower highs.
  9. When the price forms a lower high, check if the turns red and moves down.
  10. This combination signals weakness in the ongoing downtrend.
  11. Define your take-profit based on your risk-reward ratio.

Volumes Indicator Settings

Volumes Indicator Settings


The volume Indicator is your compass, guiding you through storms and calms. Embrace its insights, combine them wisely, and sail toward profitable horizons. Remember, practice makes perfect—apply what you learn, and may your trades be evergreen.

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