Freestyle Forex Scalping Strategy


Freestyle sistem trgovanja:

Ovaj sistem možete koristiti u bilo kom vremenskom roku, ali se preporučuje da se niži vremenski okvir mora koristiti kao što je 5 или 15 Minuta. It is also recommended that you use a pair that suits for you especially he major pairs so that you can monitor easily.

Forex indicators used in this system are as follows:

  • ColorRSI with EMA;
  • Laguerre filter;
  • ККЕА

Entry rules for Long:

  • The price of candle must close above the black Laguerre filter line.
  • The color RSI is blue and is above 53.
  • QQEA line has crossed up through the black horizontal lines at 50.

All three conditions must be met before you decide to enter a trade.

Entry rules for short:

  • The conditions for the sell trade must be opposite the buy signal.


For scalping, take profit must be 5-10 Поени.
target of 5-10 Поени.

Protective. Open a trade, wait for it to reach a preset target (say 15 Поени) and move the
Stop Loss to a “protective” level just above your entry point, so whatever happens, the trade cannot lose. Then repeat at incremental levels until the trade is stopped out. На пример, у +15 сет СЛ на +2; у +25, сет СЛ на +10; у +35, сет СЛ на +20 и тако даље. Alternatively, this can be achieved by setting a Trailing Stop. Iz mog iskustva, a Trailing Stop works better on
longer timeframes, as there is too much “noise” at shorter timeframes.

Лагуерре. Exit when the price closes on the other side of the black Laguerre line. Wait for the candle to close before you exit the position.

ККЕА. You will recall from above that the QQEA line in the bottom window is the red line and is used as an entry signal. The light blue line is an overlaid simple 3-period moving average of the QQEA. Once in a trade (let’s say a but trade for example), when the re QQEA
line crosses down through the light blue simple MA line on the close of a bar, then that is a potential signal that the up trend may be weakening. You do not necessarily want to exit the trade at that point, because often the market will continue upwards after a pause. Međutim, it may be prudent at that point to tighten your Stop Loss.

Ф. RSI. I know traders who, once in a trade, stay in that trade until the RSI line changes color, so if you are in a sell trade, you would stay in that trade until the RSI returned to a blue color.
Naravno, these exit strategies can be combined.

Форек Традинг Стратегиес Упутства за инсталацију

Freestyle Forex Scalping Strategy is a combination of Metatrader 4 (MT4) Indikator(S) i predložak.

Суштина ове форек стратегије је да се трансформише нагомиланих податке о историји и трговинских сигнала.

Freestyle Forex Scalping Strategy provides an opportunity to detect various peculiarities and patterns in price dynamics which are invisible to the naked eye.

Na osnovu 20 informacija, трговци могу претпоставити даље кретање цена и прилагодити ову стратегију.

Preporučeni Forex Metatrader 4 Platforma za trgovanje

  • Slobodan $50 Da biste odmah započeli trgovanje
  • Bonus za depozit do $5,000
  • Neograničen program lojalnosti
  • Awards Winning Trading Broker

xm nalog

Kliknite ovde za vodič za otvaranje XM naloga za trgovanje korak po korak

How to install Freestyle Forex Scalping Strategy?

  • Download Freestyle Forex Scalping
  • *Kopiranje mq4 i ex4 datoteka u katalog metatradera / Eksperti / Indikatori /
  • Kopiraj tpl datoteku (Predložak) u vaš Metatrader direktorijum / Predlošci /
  • Pokretanje ili ponovno pokretanje klijenta metatradera
  • Избор Графикон и рок где желите да тестирате своју стратегију форек
  • Kliknite desnim tasterom miša na trgovački grafikon i zadržite pokazivač iznad “Predložak”
  • Move right to select Freestyle Forex Scalping Strategy
  • You will see Freestyle Forex Scalping Strategy is available on your Chart

*Beleške: Ne dolaze sve forex strategije sa mq4/ex4 fajlovima. Neki predlošci su već integrisani sa MT4 indikatorima sa MetaTrader platforme.

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