Spread Of Symbols Indicator for Metatrader 5

Spread Of Symbols Indicator for Metatrader 5

The Spread Of Symbols Indicator is a powerful analytical tool designed to measure the difference between the bid and ask prices for various trading symbols. Essentially, it quantifies the cost of entering a trade, providing insights into market liquidity and volatility. By examining the spread, traders can make informed decisions about entry and exit points.

Importance In Forex Trading

Why should you care about spreads? Well, tighter spreads mean lower transaction costs, which directly impact your profitability. As a trader, you want to minimize these costs while maximizing potential gains. The Spread Of Symbols Indicator helps achieve that balance.

Historical Context

The concept of spreads has been around since the inception of financial markets. In the digital age, MT5 has revolutionized how we analyze and interpret these spreads. Understanding historical context allows us to appreciate the indicator’s evolution and relevance today.

Calculation Methodology

The indicator calculates the spread by subtracting the asking price from the bid price. The result represents the cost of executing a trade. Understanding this calculation is fundamental to interpreting the indicator’s output.

Symbol Pair Selection

Symbol Pair Selection

Choosing the right symbols for comparison is crucial. The indicator allows you to select any trading pair, from major currency pairs (like EUR/USD) to exotic ones (such as USD/TRY). Consider the volatility and liquidity of each symbol when making your selection.

Audusd And Nzdusd

Why are these pairs the default choice? Both AUDUSD (Australian Dollar/US Dollar) and NZDUSD (New Zealand Dollar/US Dollar) are popular currency pairs with active trading volumes. Their spread behavior provides valuable insights into market conditions.


Analyzing the spread of these default pairs reveals trends, volatility spikes, and potential trading opportunities. Keep an eye on how these pairs react during major economic announcements or geopolitical events.

Using Sum Calculation

A negative correlation between symbols can be a goldmine for pairs trading. When one symbol rises, the other tends to fall. The indicator’s sum calculation helps identify such opportunities.

Practical Application

Traders can use negative correlation data to diversify their portfolios. For instance, if EUR/USD is bullish, consider shorting USD/JPY if it shows a negative correlation.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Cost Awareness: The indicator quantifies the cost of executing trades, allowing you to optimize entry points.
  • Liquidity Insights: Tighter spreads indicate better liquidity, which is crucial for timely order execution.
  • Pairs Trading Opportunities: Negative correlation analysis helps identify pairs with potential for mean reversion.


  • Volatility Impact: Spreads widen during high volatility, affecting your transaction costs.
  • Symbol Availability: The indicator’s effectiveness depends on the availability of relevant trading pairs.
  • Backtesting Challenges: Historical spread data may not fully capture real-time market conditions.

Spread Of Symbols Indicator Settings

Spread Of Symbols Indicator Settings


Spread Of Symbols Indicator empowers traders by providing real-time spread information. Use it wisely to optimize your entries, manage risk, and stay informed about market conditions. Remember that no single indicator guarantees success; combine it with other tools and your trading expertise for better results.

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