Silence Indicator for Metatrader 5

Silence Indicator for Metatrader 5

Silence Indicator is a dynamic tool designed to identify periods of market calmness or, as the name suggests, “silence.” It operates on the principle that quiet moments often precede significant price movements. By detecting these tranquil intervals, traders gain insights into potential trend reversals, breakouts, or consolidation phases.

Understanding The Silence Indicator

  • Identifying Quiet Periods: It detects moments when the market takes a breath—a pause before the storm. These quiet intervals often signal impending volatility.
  • Highlighting Potential Trading Opportunities: By recognizing silence, traders can prepare for significant price movements. Whether it’s a breakout from a range or a reversal, the Silence Indicator acts as an early warning system.

Aggressiveness (Price Change Rate)

The aggressiveness percentage reflects how rapidly prices are changing.

  • High Aggressiveness: Expect quick price shifts.
  • Low Aggressiveness: Brace for stability.

Volatility (Corridor Value)

  • The volatility line within the Silence Indicator represents the corridor value.
  • Narrow Corridor: Prices move within a tight range.
  • Wide Corridor: Expect significant price swings.

Peak Price Values

  • Silence identifies peak price levels during silent periods.
  • These serve as potential support or resistance zones.

Analyzing The Aggressiveness Percentage

Analyzing The Aggressiveness Percentage

  • High Aggressiveness: Prepare for rapid price changes. Short-term trades may be favorable.
  • Low Aggressiveness: Anticipate stability. Long-term strategies come into play.

Decoding The Volatility Line

Narrow Corridor: Caution! Prices are tightly confined. Wide Corridor: Opportunities abound! Brace for significant moves.

Silencing The Noise

Silence normalizes indicator values, bringing unlimited intervals into a limited range. This ensures consistency across different timeframes.

Case Study

Case Study 1: The Stealthy Breakout

Imagine you’re monitoring a currency pair—let’s say EUR/USD—on a 4-hour chart. The Silence Indicator suddenly signals a period of tranquility. The corridor tightens, and the aggressiveness percentage drops. You’re tempted to check your Twitter feed, but hold on! Silence whispers, “Pay attention.”

What Happens Next?

The Silence Indicator detects a breakout brewing. You patiently wait. Suddenly, EUR/USD bursts out of its range, catching other traders off guard. You, armed with Silence, ride the breakout wave with precision.

Case Study 2: The Hidden Divergence

In a bullish trend, Silence reveals a divergence. Price keeps climbing, but the corridor widens. Aggressiveness remains low. It’s like a secret conversation between the market and Silence.

What Does It Mean?

Hidden bearish divergence! While others cheer the uptrend, you spot trouble ahead. You tighten your stop-loss, ready for a potential reversal. When the market finally turns, you’re prepared.

How to Trade with Silence Indicator

Buy Entry

How to Trade with Silence Indicator - Buy Entry

  1. Observe the Silence Indicator on your chart.
  2. Look for a convergence of the blue (aggressiveness) and red (volatility) lines.
  3. Both lines should be rising or intersecting.
  4. Wait for a bullish candlestick pattern (e.g., hammer, engulfing, or bullish pin bar).
  5. The candlestick should close above a significant support level or moving average.
  6. Enter long (buy) when the next candle opens.
  7. Set your stop-loss just below the recent swing low or the support level.
  8. Consider placing your take-profit at the next resistance level or based on your risk-reward ratio.

Sell Entry

How to Trade with Silence Indicator - Sell Entry

  1. Observe the Silence Indicator.
  2. Look for divergence between the blue (aggressiveness) and red (volatility) lines.
  3. The blue line should be falling while the red line rises or remains flat.
  4. Wait for a bearish candlestick pattern (e.g., shooting star, bearish engulfing, or hanging man).
  5. The candlestick should close below a significant resistance level or moving average.
  6. Enter short (sell) when the next candle opens.
  7. Set your stop-loss just above the recent swing high or the resistance level.
  8. Consider placing your take-profit at the next support level or based on your risk-reward ratio.

Silence Indicator Settings

Silence Indicator Settings


The silence Indicator for MetaTrader 5 stands as a beacon of insight. As traders, we often chase the noise—the cacophony of price fluctuations, news headlines, and market sentiment. But amidst this chaos, silence emerges as a powerful ally. Embrace the silence. It’s not about waiting idly; it’s about listening keenly.

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