Rads Baruri Strategia Forex Trading


Rads Baruri Strategia Forex Trading

There are two main factors that determine profitability in trading, win-loss ratio and reward-risk ratio. One of the better ways to earn from forex trading is by having a strategy that allows for a high reward-risk ratio.

Let’s say for example someone comes up to you and tells you to wager on a coin toss. Knowing how coin toss works, este un 50-50 Şansă. Cu toate acestea, his offer is that every time you lose you would have to pay him $10, but if you win he is going to pay you $20. What would you say? Chances are you would say yes to the proposition and play as long as possible. The same is true with having a strategy with a high reward-risk ratio. Even if you have a strategy that has a win rate of just 50% but has a reward-risk ratio of more than 2:1, you are still going to be profitable. This is the kind of strategy that Rads Bars is.


De asemenea, Rads MACD is a custom indicator based on the Moving Average Convergence and Divergence (MACD). It does this by tracking the difference between moving averages and determining its difference or how much it diverges. If the faster moving average is above the slower moving average, the result would be positive and thus it would print positive histogram bars. Dacă este invers, having the slower moving average above the faster moving average, it would be printing negative histogram bars. Într-un fel, it somehow gives entry signals as a crossover strategy would every time the histogram bars cross the zero line.

Cu toate acestea, the Rads MACD also determines if the difference between the moving averages is getting bigger or smaller. If the previous histogram bar is lower than the current histogram bar, it prints a lime bar. If the previous bar is higher than the current bar, then it prints a red bar.

Conceptul strategiei de tranzacționare

De asemenea, Rads MACD on its own have potential to be a good indicator to base a profitable trading strategy on. Cu toate acestea, pentru această strategie, we will be pairing it with AMA_optimized indicator personalizat.

De asemenea, AMA_optimized indicator will serve as a filter and an early indication of a possible reversal and potential start of a trend. De asemenea, AMA­_optimized indicator is basically a moving average based indicator that plots blue dots whenever it detects a bullish trend and red dots if it detects a bearish trend. Ca atare,, we will be looking for possible buy setups if the AMA_optimized indicator starts printing blue dots, and sell setups if it starts printing red dots.

apoi, the Rads MACD. We will be timing our entries based on the crossover of the zero line. În cazul în care Rads MACD prints a lime bar above the zero line, it is a signal to buy. If it prints a red bar below the zero line, acesta este un semnal de a vinde. The magic is with how the Rads MACD could be a great tool to time exits without giving back to much of the profits as the trend reverses back, and not causing us to exit too early too often allowing the strategy to gain huge profits. După sa discutat mai devreme, red bars mean the previous bar is higher than the current one. Pe un trend bullish, this means that the trend might be losing steam, but it is still a bullish trend. pe de altă parte, pe un trend de urs, if it starts printing lime bars although below zero, this could mean that the bearish trend is losing steam.

Cu această strategie, we will exit the trade if there are three consecutive bars that goes against our trade. This is because it is a signal that the trend might soon start to reverse. Deci, we exit the trade while we are still in a better position, before the trade reverses on us.


  • Rads_MACD
  • AMA_optimized: 14-perioadă

Currency Paid: oricare

Interval: 5-minut, 15-minut, 30-minut, 1-Oră, 4-oră și de zi cu zi diagrame

Sesiune de tranzacționare: oricare

Cumpara (Lung) Configurare Comerț


  • Prețul trebuie să se afle deasupra AMA_optimized linia
  • De asemenea, AMA_optimized indicator should print a blue dot
  • De asemenea, Rads_MACD indicator should print a lime bar above the zero line
  • Place a buy order on the confluence of the above rules

Oprire pierdere

  • Place the stop loss at the support below the entry


  • Close the trade as soon as three consecutive red histogram bars are printed by the Rads_MACD

Vinde (Scurt) Configurare Comerț


  • Price must be below the AMA_optimized linia
  • De asemenea, AMA_optimized indicator should print a red dot
  • De asemenea, Rads_MACD indicator should print a red bar below the zero line
  • Place a sell order on the confluence of the above rules

Oprire pierdere

  • Place the stop loss at the resistance above the entry


  • Close the trade as soon as three consecutive lime histogram bars are printed by the Rads_MACD


This strategy banks on a high reward-risk ratio. This strategy would typically give around 2:1, 3:1 or better reward-risk ratio, depending on the market condition, the same as with most crossover strategies. The difference however is that it doesn’t wait for the actual reversal of the Rads_MACD semnal, which is the crossing over to the other side of the zero line. In acel moment, much of the profits is usually given back to the market, sau mai rău, the trade ends up at a loss. By exiting a bit earlier using the changing of colors of the histogram bars, we get to retain much of the profit, while not terminating the trade too early.

Forex Trading Systems Instrucțiuni de instalare

Rads Bars Forex Trading Strategy is a combination of Metatrader 4 (MT4) Indicator(S) și șablon.

Esența acestui sistem forex este de a transforma datele de istorie acumulate și semnale de tranzacționare.

Rads Bars Forex Trading Strategy provides an opportunity to detect various peculiarities and patterns in price dynamics which are invisible to the naked eye.

Pe baza acestor informații, comercianții își pot asuma o mișcare suplimentară a prețurilor și pot ajusta acest sistem în consecință.

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How to install Rads Bars Forex Trading Strategy?

  • Download Rads Bars Forex Trading Strategy.zip
  • Copiați fișiere mq4 și ex4 în Directorul Metatrader / Experţi / Indicatori /
  • Copiere fișier tpl (Şablon) la directorul Metatrader / Şabloane /
  • Pornirea sau repornirea clientului Metatrader
  • Selectați Diagramă și interval de timp în care doriți să vă testați sistemul forex
  • Faceți clic dreapta pe graficul de tranzacționare și treceți cu mouse-ul pe “Şablon”
  • Move right to select Rads Bars Forex Trading Strategy
  • You will see Rads Bars Forex Trading Strategy is available on your Chart

*Notă: Nu toate strategiile forex vin cu fișiere mq4/ex4. Unele șabloane sunt deja integrate cu indicatorii MT4 de pe platforma MetaTrader.

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