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LegacyFX offers traders an innovative trading experience with MetaTrader 5 and its educational services for newbies. The company is headquartered in the Republic of Vanuatu, Cyprus as well as Belarus to maintain regulatory standards worldwide while providing efficient customer support through both desktop applications or mobile devices! In addition to the many trading tools Autochartist offers, including their premium oulets and Guardian Angel signals package for free; they also have an education center where you can learn about how these strategies work. And if that isn’t enough there’s a video library full of informative videos on all things finance related! This is perfect because it means anyone with access will be able take advantage from simple through complex matters regarding investmentswithout any risk or loss either way as long as your custodian permits it (desigur).

MetaTrader 5

LegacyFX is a forex trading company that specializes in financial technology and has CySEC, FCA ,BaFin licenses.

LegacyFX is a top-performing, world renowned forex broker that has been recently awarded for its excellence in the industry. The company received several prestigious awards including Best STP/ECN Brokerage Partner by A2Z Markets 2020; second place at Pipso FX’s 2019 trading Platform competitionwhich features firms from all over Europe! And finally they were recognized among other elite competitors such as DailyforeX Middle Eastern Awards ceremony where their service was appreciated enough to receive another award.


They believe in transparency. They offer a clear and concise user interface that contains up-to date information, with their team’s average of 10 – 12 years experience trading Forex markets giving them an edge over others who only have beginner status among professionals just as knowledgeable about this fast paced industry

They work closely together so you can meet your needs while exceeding expectations.

LegacyFX has been involved in several charitable initiatives and community projects. The company sponsored the Cypriot Classic Car Festival, which was attended by many visitors from all over Europe to see classic cars that were born before World War II drive down memory lane! They also supported two local football teamsFC Balkany-Tvarditsa (the current champions) as well Famagusta verdicts comfortably holding onto their championship title this year without much struggle at all thanks again largely due

Islamic Account

To ensure that our clientsIslamic practices are met, we offer a number of different account types. One type is the Riba-Free or interest free Account which adheres strictly to principles set out in Islam regarding banking activity and charging riba (interest). Like all other accounts at LegacyFX you will still enjoy excellent spreads on your trades as well as equally competitive trading conditionshowever this does mean there’s no opportunity for earning excess returns through interest payments! If it isn’t already open when applying online then simply contact one of our managers once convenient so they can activate it immediately after reviewing details about how much money has been deposited into each individual branch across their network today.

cont demo

LegacyFX offers a demo account that allows clients to practice trading strategies risk-free using virtual funds.

Regulation and Security

AN ALL-NEW INVESTMENT (V.A.) LTD, an investment company authorized and regulated by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission under license number 14579 de cand 2017 with client funds remaining separate from company funds complies fully to anti money laundering/counter terror financing act 2006(AML/CTF Act). This is good news for all parties involved!

The Cyprus-based company, A.N. All New Investments LTD is an authorized service provider for financial traders under CySEC’s license number 344/17; they are compliant with both MiFID II and Europe’s 4th Anti-Money Laundering Directive (AMLD).

LegacyFX is a globally-recognized company that has been authorized by the National Bank of Belarus (NBRB).


  • LegacyFX has been offering MetaTrader 5 to clients for years. The powerful and popular trading platform supports over 200 financial instruments, which makes it one of the best options available on this market today!
  • LegacyFX offers free online training sessions presented by our top notch forex experts to help you be successful in this challenging market. The webinars cover trading strategies and tips, technical analysis of currency pairs that will influence the week ahead as well reviews on global economic developments including key events around world announced recentlyall via live video feed!
  • LegacyFX is different from other brokers by providing free trading tools such as charts, videos and research. They also offer the Auto-Chartist analytical tool which requires an annual fee for access but has been proven to be very accurate in predicting market moves


  • Do not accept U.S. residents as clients.


MetaTrader5 is a trading platform that has been chosen by traders and investors worldwide for its ease-of use. LegacyFX offers MT5 to clients with extended features, making online trading even more professional than before! Clients can trade over 200 financial instruments using either desktop or mobile versions on this broker’s site

Key advantages of LegacyFX MT5:

  • One-click trading: It takes less than a second to place a buy or a sell order
  • Historic data center and advanced, rapid, high-precision strategy tester
  • Depth of the Marketview, acesta este, the volumes available at current price levels
  • Low spreads from 0.6 Sâmburi
  • Built-in technical indicators, graphical tools, scripts, and expert advisors ensure technical analysis of the highest accuracy and provide essential assistance in decision making and transactions
  • MT5 is more than just the successor to MT4, as it takes trading to a whole new level.

Web TerminalThe LegacyFX MetaTrader 5 is a revolutionary web-based platform that grants you access to the global markets from anywhere at anytime.

Meta Trader DesktopUser-friendly interface; offers more features, advanced trading tools, and superior support. Get full access to your order history to have complete control.

Mobil – MetaTrader 5 mobile brings traders on the go a newer, more detailed interface with order types that are ideal for their needs. Available now both through iOS and Android devices.

A sustine

The broker offers 24-hour support and clients can either send an email, call in to speak with one of their team members via live chat or drop them a line using the contact form ! They’re happy if you need help managing your account, they’ll answer all general questions about trading such asWhat does it mean when my quotes go down?” And they really appreciate hearing ideas tooso let’s talk trade wise.

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