Percentage Of Trend Indicator for MetaTrader 5

Percentage Of Trend Indicator for MetaTrader 5

Percentage of Trend Indicators (Percentage Of Trend Indicator) is a versatile technical analysis tool that quantifies the strength and direction of a trend. Unlike traditional indicators that focus solely on price movements, the Percentage Of Trend Indicator considers both price and volume data. It provides traders with a clear picture of whether an asset is in an uptrend, downtrend, or experiencing sideways movement.

How It Works

The Percentage Of Trend Indicator is calculated using the following formula:

[ \text{PTI} = \frac{{\text{Close} – \text{LowValue}}}{{\text{HighValue} – \text{LowValue}}} ]

  • Close: The closing price of the asset.
  • LowValue: The lowest price within a specified period.
  • HighValue: The highest price within the same period.

The resulting value ranges from 0 to 1, where:

  • 0: Indicates a strong downtrend.
  • 1: Suggests a robust uptrend.
  • 5: Represents sideways movement.



A Percentage Of Trend Indicator value close to 1 indicates a strong uptrend. Traders consider this a bullish signal. Look for buying opportunities when the PTI remains consistently high.


A PTI value close to 0 suggests a pronounced downtrend. The bearish sentiment prevails. Consider short-selling or exiting long positions.

Sideways Movement

When the PTI hovers around 0.5, the market lacks a clear trend. Sideways conditions prevail. Exercise caution and await a breakout.

Limitations And Considerations

High volatility affects PTI readings. Adjust parameters during turbulent market conditions.

False Signals

PTI may generate false signals during choppy markets. Combine with other indicators for confirmation.

Percentage Of Trend Indicator Settings

Percentage Of Trend Indicator Settings


Percentage of Trend Indicators empowers traders with valuable insights into trend dynamics. By combining it with other tools and adapting its parameters, you can enhance your trading strategies. Remember that no indicator is infallible, so always practice risk management and stay informed.

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