30-50 Flagg og vimpler Forex Trading Strategi


30-50 Flagg og vimpler Forex Trading Strategi

Pattern trading is one of the branches of trading that has withstood the test of time. And this isn’t only true about forex trading, but it encompasses almost all markets, enten det er aksjer, bindinger, råvarer, Etc. It also doesn’t only work on one holding period method, but it works across all timeframes, from scalpers, day traders, and even swing traders. There are small cap stocks day traders who have been successful scalping the market while there are also a lot of forex day and swing traders who have made consistent profits through pattern trading.

Flags and Pennants

Among the many basic patterns used in trading, there are a couple of continuation patterns that have a great degree of success and at the same time could be explained why price does it what it does with these patterns – the flags and the pennants. Below is a diagram of how they should look like.

Flags and pennants are both continuation patterns, which have a lot of similarities.

Første, let’s discuss the flag pattern. The flag pattern is a pattern with a support and resistance that goes against an initial thrust. This support and resistance forms a channel which makes up the flag. Take note that flags usually go against a prior thrust. This thrust forms the pole of the flag. Being that the channel formed goes against a prior thrust, the flag pattern is an expansion phase followed by a retracement. As most retracements do during a trending market environment, it is usually followed by another expansion phase.

neste, the pennants. Pennants are almost the same as flags. Like the flag, it is also preceded by a thrust forming its pole. The difference is that instead of a channel, the supports and resistances tend to contract. I hovedsak, pennants are the contraction and retracement phase after a rapid expansion. Nå, the market usually moves in a sequence of expansions and contractions. As this theory would suggest, right after the pennant is formed, which is the contraction phase, another thrust could be expected.

Den 30-50 EMA Dynamic Support and Resistance Area

Although flags and pennants are highly reliable, with a naked chart, it is often difficult to spot for an untrained eye. But there are ways to identify them a bit easier.

Den 30 & 50 Exponential Moving Averages are great tools to help us identify these patterns. These EMAs are a pair of moving averages that work well as a support or resistance area. I et trendmiljø i markedet, these are areas that we could expect price to retrace to and then bounce back. Given this characteristic of these 2 EMAs, we could use them as a dynamic support and resistance where we could expect retracements and contractions to occur during a trending market environment.

Konsept for handelsstrategi

This strategy is aimed at improving our skills in identifying flag and pennant patterns, which we often miss on a naked chart. By adding the 30-50 EMAs, we now have an area where we could anticipate these flags and pennants to take shape. If we spot one, then all we have to do is wait for the breakout, then enter the trade.

We will also be adding the 200 EMA as a filter to identify the main long-term trend direction. By trading according to the direction of the main trend, we improve our chances knowing that we have lesser headwinds in front of us.

Tidsramme: 15-minutters chart og over

Valuta par: Noen

Økt: Noen

Kjøpe (Lang) handel oppsett


  • Prisen bør være over 200 Ema
  • Den 30 Ema (gull) bør være over 50 Ema (grønn), while both are above the 200 Ema (brun)
  • A flag or a pennant should be identifiable
  • Enter a buy market order on the close of the candle as soon as the resistance on the pattern is broken.

Stopp tap

  • Sett stop loss på mindre swing lavt under oppføring stearinlys

Ta fortjeneste

  • Set the take profit at the high on the thrust or pole of the pattern

Selge (Kort) handel oppsett


  • Prisen bør være under 200 Ema
  • Den 30 Ema (gull) bør være under 50 Ema (grønn), while both are below the 200 Ema (brun)
  • A flag or a pennant should be identifiable
  • Enter a sell market order on the close of the candle as soon as the support on the pattern is broken.

Stopp tap

  • Sett stop loss på mindre swing høyt over kommando stearinlys

Ta fortjeneste

  • Set the take profit at the low on the thrust or pole of the pattern


This is a working strategy. What you could do with this strategy is to cycle through all the currency pairs that you trade. I would suggest that you look at everything except the exotics. These patterns do work on the exotics, but because some currencies are manipulated by the central banks, the pattern could be voided. As you look at all the pairs that you are trading, cycle through the timeframes until you find a viable pattern. Deretter, create a shortlist or watchlist of the currency pairs and timeframes where you found a pattern, then keep a close watch on them until the breakout occurs.

One thing to consider though when taking a trade is the reward-risk ratio. There will be setups that will have low reward-risk ratios if you are targeting the highs or lows of the pole. Some traders would rather aim for the same length as the pole. You could do this if you feel a bit aggressive, although as a warning, the lows or highs of the pole are already in itself a horizontal support or resistance.

Other traders on the other hand opt not to take trades if the reward-risk ratios are low based on the target take profits. Some traders would opt to take trades above 1.5:1 forhold, while others would only take 4:1 reward-risk ratios. The latter is quite difficult to accomplish but could be done if you would go down a timeframe lower for a more surgical yet riskier entry.

This strategy is one of those strategies that would work out of the box but requires a lot of practice and screen time. This is because you would have to learn to identify the patterns, but not only that, you would also have to identify the right supports and resistances and the right breakout candles.

Practice this strategy and you could make money out of it.

Installasjonsinstruksjoner for Forex Trading Systems

30-50 Flags and Pennants Forex Trading Strategy is a combination of Metatrader 4 (MT4 (andre personer)) Indikator(S) og mal.

Essensen i denne Forex systemet er å forvandle det akkumulerte loggdata og trading signaler.

30-50 Flags and Pennants Forex Trading Strategy provides an opportunity to detect various peculiarities and patterns in price dynamics which are invisible to the naked eye.

Basert på denne informasjonen, tradere kan anta ytterligere prisbevegelse og justere dette systemet tilsvarende.

Anbefalt Forex Metatrader 5 Handelsplattform

  • Internasjonal megler med 24/7 Brukerstøtte.
  • Over 12,000 Eiendeler, inkludert aksjer, Indekser, Forex.
  • Raskeste ordreutførelse og oppslag fra 0 pips.
  • Bonuser opp til $50,000 fra det første innskuddet.
  • Demo står for testing av handelsstrategier.

Anbefalt megler

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Hvordan installere 30-50 Flagg og vimpler Forex Trading Strategi?

  • Nedlasting 30-50 Flags and Pennants Forex Trading Strategy.zip
  • Kopier mq4- og ex4-filer til Metatrader-katalogen / Eksperter / Indikatorer /
  • Kopier tpl-fil (Mal) til Metatrader-katalogen din / Maler /
  • Starte eller starte Metatrader-klienten på nytt
  • Velg Diagram og tidsramme der du vil teste forex-systemet
  • Høyreklikk på handelsdiagrammet ditt og hold pekeren over “Mal”
  • Flytt rett til å velge 30-50 Flagg og vimpler Forex Trading Strategi
  • Du vil se 30-50 Flags and Pennants Forex Trading Strategy is available on your Chart

*Merk: Ikke alle forex strategier kommer med mq4/ex4 filer. Noen maler er allerede integrert med MT4-indikatorene fra MetaTrader-plattformen.

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