MT5에 대한 ASH 표시기

ASH Indicator for MT5

Introduction to the ASH Indicator

This indicator is based on the Absolute Strength Index Oscillator which was originally developed by Tudor Marcelin. It was developed to help traders identify momentum and trend directions objectively using an oscillator type of indicator.

What is the ASH Indicator?

The Absolute Strength Histogram Indicator or ASH Indicator is a momentum indicator which is derived from the Absolute Strength Oscillator (ASO). It is also an oscillator type of technical indicator which calculates for the difference between the bulls power and the bears power and presents the difference as histogram bars. It is also derived from the Relative Strength Index (RSI) or the Stochastic Oscillator.

This indicator plots histogram bars which oscillate on an open range around its midline, 어느 것이 0. 긍정적 인 막대는 강세 추세 편향을 나타냅니다, 네거티브 바는 약세 추세 편향을 나타내지만.

The color of the bars also changes depending on the short-term momentum direction. It plots blue bars to indicate a bullish momentum, red bars to indicate a bearish momentum, and gray bars to indicate periods with no clear momentum.

MT5에 대한 ASH 표시기

How the ASH Indicator Works?

The ASH Indicator has an algorithm which includes an underlying Relative Strength Index (RSI) and Stochastic Oscillator. The indicator uses either of the two oscillators as a basis for its calculations depending on the type of oscillator the user elects to use. It also applies moving average lines to its calculations to arrive at the values that the indicator would use as a basis for its histogram bars.

The color of the bars change depending on the value of the current bar compared to its prior bar. It plots blue bars when the value of the current bar is higher than that of the previous bar and a red bar whenever the value of the current bar is lower than that of the previous bar.

How to use the ASH Indicator for MT5

The ASH Indicator has a few modifiable options and variables which users can change to adjust the characteristics of the oscillator.

How to use the ASH Indicator for MT5

“Period” refers to the number of bars used to calculate for the underlying oscillator.

“Smoothing” refers to the smoothing period applied on its calculations.

“Mode” allows users to choose which oscillator to base its calculations on, whether RSI or Stochastic Oscilllator.

“Method” refers to the type of moving average applied to its calculations.

“Applied price” refers to the price point on the candle bar used for its calculations.

무역 설정 구매

입력 시기?

Open a buy trade as soon as the histogram bars cross above zero in confluence with other technical indications.

종료 시기?

바가 0 이하로 넘어가자마자 거래를 닫습니다..

How to use the ASH Indicator for MT5 - 구매 거래

판매 무역 설정

입력 시기?

Open a sell trade as soon as the histogram bars cross below zero in confluence with other technical indications.

종료 시기?

막대가 0 이상으로 교차하자마자 거래를 닫습니다..

How to use the ASH Indicator for MT5 - 판매 무역


Aside from the trading method discussed above, traders can also take trades based on the changing of the color of the bars coming from an overextended level, since these signals also indicate a probable momentum reversal. 그러나, the crossovers with zero tend to result in longer trending runs.

This indicator should also be used merely as part of a trading strategy and not as a standalone entry signal.

MT5 지표 – 다운로드 지침

ASH Indicator for MT5 is a Metatrader 5 (MT5) 이 기술 지표의 지표와 본질은 축적된 기록 데이터를 변환하는 것입니다..

ASH Indicator for MT5 provides for an opportunity to detect various peculiarities and patterns in price dynamics which are invisible to the naked eye.

이 정보를 기반으로, 상인은 추가 가격 움직임을 가정하고 그에 따라 전략을 조정할 수 있습니다. MT5 전략을 보려면 여기를 클릭하십시오.

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  • 수상 경력에 빛나는 외환 브로커
  • 추가 독점 보너스 일년 내내

추천 브로커

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#2 – 포켓 옵션

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  • 숨겨진 용어 없음
  • 미국 거주자 수락

포켓 옵션

How to install ASH Indicator for MT5.mq5 to your MetaTrader 5 차트?

  • Download ASH Indicator for MT5.mq5
  • Copy ASH Indicator for MT5.mq5 to your Metatrader 5 디렉터리 / 전문가 / 지표 /
  • 메타트레이더를 시작하거나 다시 시작하세요 5 클라이언트
  • mt5 표시기를 테스트하려는 차트 및 기간 선택
  • 검색 “사용자 지정 표시기” 메타트레이더에 주로 남겨진 네비게이터에 5 클라이언트
  • Right click on ASH Indicator for MT5.mq5
  • 차트에 연결
  • 설정을 수정하거나 확인을 누릅니다.
  • Indicator ASH Indicator for MT5.mq4 is available on your Chart

How to remove ASH Indicator for MT5.mq5 from your Metatrader 5 차트?

  • 메타트레이더에서 실행 되는 지표어디 차트 선택 5 클라이언트
  • 차트를 마우스 오른쪽 버튼으로 클릭하십시오.
  • “지표 목록”
  • 표시기를 선택하고 삭제

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