RAVI HAMA Push Forex -kaupankäyntistrategia

RAVI HAMA Push Forex Trading Strategy

Hinta Action, one of the most widely used terms in trading, yet different traders have different descriptions of it. Some suggest that it is an analysis of the basic movements of price which generate entry and exit signals and that it stands out for not requiring the use of indicators. Some traders identify it as the movements of a security’s price plotted over time. These descriptions may be clear to some traders, yet it could also be very vague to some.

Henkilökohtaisesti, I would describe price action as the characteristics of price movements plotted on a price chart which could help indicate trend direction, vauhti, Peruutukset, continuations and many other market scenarios that could occur. This may be vague yet if you would scrutinize each one of these conditions, you would see price action characteristics that could help us identify each. Esimerkiksi, uptrends could be identified based on rising swing highs and swing lows, while downtrends can be identified by a constant drop of the swing points. Momentum can be identified based on full-bodied long candles pushing in one direction. Reversals can be identified based on price rejection characteristics such as wicks pushing against a price level. Continuations can be identified by a sudden push in the direction of the trend right after a retracement or contraction.

Tässä, we will be looking at a trend continuation scenario in which entries are identified based on price rejections. Pure price action traders may also argue that price action requires the use of naked charts. Kuitenkin, no rule is stopping us from using a few technical indicators to aid us in identifying a good trade setup.


HAMA, Heiken Ashi Moving Average, or Heiken Ashi Smoothed, they can be used interchangeably. HAMA is a trend following technical indicator which excels in helping traders clearly identify trend direction. It is characteristically very responsive to price action movements, while at the same time it is not too fickle to easily produce false signals.

HAMA is an offshoot or derivative of the Heiken Ashi Candlesticks and a basic Exponential Moving Average (ÄITI) linja. It produces bars that changes color to indicate the direction of the trend, while at the same time it plots these bars with the same responsiveness as the EMA line.

Heiken Ashi in Japanese literally means average bars. Tavallaan, this is what the HAMA does. It averages out historical price data. The resulting computation is then plotted as bars overlaid on the price chart. The color of the bars change depending on the direction of the trend. Siniset palkit osoittavat nousevaa trendiä, kun taas punaiset palkit osoittavat laskevaa trendiä. Consequently, color changes could indicate a potential trend reversal.


RAVI basically stands for Range Action Verification Index. This indicator represents the relative convergence or divergence of an underlying moving average of a tradeable instrument, increased a hundred time. The based RAVI configuration is based on an underlying 13-period Simple Moving Average (SMA). It was originally based on a 13-week period which is equivalent to a 3-month period. Kuitenkin, given the technology and speed of trading nowadays, it can also be applied on the lower timeframes.

The RAVI indicator is an oscillator type of technical indicator. It plots bars that oscillate around its midline, nolla. Positive bars indicate a bullish trend bias, while negative bars indicate a bearish trend bias.

The strengthening of a trend momentum can also be identified based on the color of the bars. Green bars indicate a strengthening bullish trend, while red bars indicate a strengthening bearish trend. Grey bars on the other hand indicate a neutral momentum whether bullish or bearish.

Traders can use this indicator as a trend reversal entry signal based on the shifting of the bars. It can also be used as a trend direction filter to help traders avoid trading against the trend.

kaupankäynti strategia

RAVI HAMA Push Forex Trading Strategy trades with the direction of an existing trend using price rejection as the main entry signal.

Ensimmäinen, trend direction is identified based on the color of the HAMA bars. Such trend direction is then confirmed based on the rising or dropping swing point pattern of price action. The RAVI bars should also confirm the trend direction based on whether the bars are generally positive or negative. Trades are taken exclusively in the direction of the trend.

As soon as we isolate the trend and trade direction, we then wait for price to retrace towards the area of the HAMA bars. Price action should show signs of price rejection as it nears or touches the HAMA bars. This is based on wicks pushing against the HAMA bars. Tämä olisi saapumissignaalimme..


  • HAMA_
  • Ravisignal

Edullinen aika Kehykset: 30-minuutti, 1-tunnin, 4-tunti ja päivittäin kaavioita

valuuttaparien: FX-pääsarjat, alaikäiset ja ristit

Kaupankäyntivaiheiden: Tokio, Lontoossa ja New Yorkissa istuntoja

Osta kauppa Setup


  • The HAMA bars should be blue.
  • The swing highs and swing lows should be rising.
  • The RAVI bars should be positive.
  • Price should retrace towards the HAMA bars.
  • Price should reject the HAMA bars price level indicated by wicks pushing against it.
  • Kirjoita ostotilaus yllä olevien ehtojen vahvistukseen.

Pysäytä tappio

  • Aseta pysäytyshäviö aloituskynttilän alapuolella olevalle tuelle.
  • Aseta pysäytyshäviö HAMA-palkkien alapuolelle.


  • Sulje kauppa heti, kun HAMA-palkit vaihtuvat punaiseksi.

RAVI HAMA Push Forex -kaupankäyntistrategia

RAVI HAMA Push Forex -kaupankäyntistrategia 2

Pubin Setup


  • The HAMA bars should be red.
  • The swing highs and swing lows should be dropping.
  • The RAVI bars should be negative.
  • Price should retrace towards the HAMA bars.
  • Price should reject the HAMA bars price level indicated by wicks pushing against it.
  • Kirjoita myyntitilaus vahvistaaksesi yllä olevat ehdot.

Pysäytä tappio

  • Aseta pysäytyshäviö sisääntulokynttilän yläpuolella olevaan kestävyysin.
  • Aseta pysäytyshäviö HAMA-palkkien yläpuolelle.


  • Sulje kauppa heti, kun HAMA-palkit muuttuvat sinisiksi.

RAVI HAMA Push Forex -kaupankäyntistrategia 3

RAVI HAMA Push Forex -kaupankäyntistrategia 4


This trading strategy is a basic trend following and trend continuation strategy, which incorporates price rejection in order to identify specific entry points. This allows us as traders to enter at a better price rather than being too late to enter a trend.

This strategy can produce consistent profits when used in the right trending market condition.

Valuuttakauppaa strategioita asennusohjeet

RAVI HAMA Push Forex Trading Strategy is a combination of Metatrader 4 (MT4(ät4)) Ilmaisin(S) ja malli.

Nyt tämä forex strategia on muuttaa kertyneen historiatiedot ja kaupankäynnin signaaleja.

RAVI HAMA Push Forex Trading Strategy provides an opportunity to detect various peculiarities and patterns in price dynamics which are invisible to the naked eye.

Näiden tietojen perusteella, kauppiaat voivat olettaa edelleen kurssilasku ja säätää tätä strategiaa sen mukaisesti.

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How to install RAVI HAMA Push Forex Trading Strategy?

  • Download RAVI HAMA Push Forex Trading Strategy.zip
  • *Mq4- ja ex4-tiedostojen kopioiminen Metatrader-hakemistoon / Asiantuntijat / Indikaattorit /
  • Kopioi tpl-tiedosto (Malli) Metatrader-hakemistoon / Malleja /
  • Metatrader-asiakasohjelman käynnistäminen tai käynnistäminen uudelleen
  • Valitse Chart ja aikataulu minne haluat testata Forex strategia
  • Napsauta kaupankäyntikaaviota hiiren kakkospainikkeella ja pidä hiiren osoitinta “Malli”
  • Move right to select RAVI HAMA Push Forex Trading Strategy
  • You will see RAVI HAMA Push Forex Trading Strategy is available on your Chart

*Huomautus: Kaikissa forex-strategioissa ei ole mq4/ ex4-tiedostoja. Jotkin mallit on jo integroitu MetaTrader-alustan MT4-indikaattoreihin.

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