Sådan køber Ripple


Sådan køber Ripple?

One of the fastest rising and promising prospects in the cryptocurrency world, Ripple offers much more than being a cryptocurrency. It is a global settlement network which means that it offers a faster and easier means of making transfers to any currency in any part of the world. This platform is almost ten times faster than the traditional means of exchange you ever used (which is one of the reasons for the creation of cryptocurrencies by the way).

Ripple has almost rendered obsolete the use of western union and the likes. The platform is currently working with banks to even offer more efficient and cost effective methods to send real time payments to any given country in the world. We could go on listing the quite delectable prospects of this cryptocurrency but the fact that you are here means that you have done your research and you are ready to invest so in easy steps, here is how you can buy your Ripple

Easy steps on how you can buy Ripple

Get a Ripple Wallet

The reason behind this being your starting point is so that you can have a storage place for your coins when you have purchased it. You should also write down the secret key that would be given to you and store it in a secure location. This key would always allow you access to your wallet at any time. Generally, almost all crypto wallets operate as the same so a Ripple wallet is not entirely different from a bitcoin wallet. For more security especially when you are buying a large number of coins at a time, it is advised to use the hardware wallet. Also it is advised that your wallet be funded with nothing less than 20 ripple coins to start with so as to avoid being susceptible to low level spam attacks.

Find an exchange platform

There are plenty options available for investors today. Ripples can be bought through bitcoin exchange of bought by the use of your local currency. Exchange platforms like coinbase, kraken have been used over time to purchase ripples.

Transfer to your wallet

After successfully buying ripples through your local cash method or trading bitcoins (whatever method you may use), you will have to transfer your coins into the wallet you have earlier created. This is done to avoid unpleasant occurrences that may happen in the event that the exchange platform is hacked or taken down. Once it has been confirmed that you have successfully transferred them to your wallet, then you are good to go!

With the steady rise this cryptocurrency enjoyed in the past year, it has made it one of the most studied cryptocurrencies this year. It looks everything like the future of cryptocurrencies and its advantages are all there to show for it. Just as it is with other investments, it is a risk and as a beginner, you cannot be too careful. It is expected to continue its steady rise through the New Year and even beyond!

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