AvaTrade Mægler Anmeldelse 2020 – Skal læses! Er AvaTrade en sikker Forex Broker?

AvaTrade Broker Review

Company details

AvaTrade is on the lead when it comes to online trading commodities, indekser, and stocks. The broker is suitable for beginners to experts, thanks to AvaTrade’s YouTube channel for free exclusive videos. In AvaTrade, traders can open an account with just three easy steps and they can choose either a 21-day demo account or a real account.

Professional trading is possible with AvaTrade as long as you have the skill and you have over €500,000 in your financial instrument portfolio. Other highlights include ultra-low spreads, AvaTradeGO app, multi-lingual live client support, og 24/7 cryptocurrency trading.

About Avatrade Broker

AvaTrade Broker started in 2006, providing the best forex online trading experience with the best deals. You can be confident about the broker’s ability to empower traders of all levels to come up with their highest potential. The platform has over 2 million trades each month with 200,000 registered traders in five different continents. AvaTrade’s mission is to sustain the trading confidence of each client through online development and the company is proud of how they fixed the Crypto crisis during 2017-2018 by increasing the service staff.

Avatrade Trading Platforms

AvaTrade clients have eight trading platform options to choose from to get a better trading experience. The platforms are accessible either manually or automated according to your preferences.

AVATrade Trading Platform

Under the manual trading platform are MetaTrader 4 and AvaTradeGO. We cannot deny the popularity of MetaTrader 4 as a trading platform due to its flexible trading environment. Next to it is the MetaTrader 5.

AVATrade Metatrader

AvaTradeGO is an app to let you continue trading at anywhere you go. Automated trading is a lot more convenient than the previous platform in many ways, including tools availability. Examples are Mac Trading, Web Trading, and Zulu Trade.

Avatrade Trading Instruments

AvaTrade Broker is ready to trade financial instruments, such as indices, råvarer, and FXOptions. The trading platform also trades stocks, obligationer, and ETFs. They accept digital currency trading to retail traders, such as Bitcoin and Litecoin, as well.

Avatrade Trading Conditions

AvaTrade trading conditions somewhat depend on the underlying asset to be traded. Knowing certain conditions will save your trade transactions big time.

Deposit processes, personal information, and funds are highly secured with the verification documentation requested by AvaTrade. There is a range of deposit options you can choose for. Withdrawals are made quickly through a simple process that took only one or two working days. Deposit and withdrawal operations are excluded during weekends and public holidays.

The margin is inversely related to the leverage depending on a particular instrument. It can boost up your trade position up to 400:1 gearing.

Avatrade Trading Accounts

Opening an AvaTrade trading account is as easy as three steps with three options, including demo account, real account, and Islamic account. The first two options have the same procedure to follow and make sure to verify your account. Place a minimum deposit of 100 base currency or take it higher up to 2000 to enjoy products offered fully.

The Islamic account is made to comply with Islam rules in which prohibits interest fee or swaps. There are trade substitutes formed by trading industry to still support Islamic trade such as gold and silver, olie, and stock indices.

Avatrade Bonus & Kampagner

Once a trader opts to open an account with AvaTrade, there will be a welcome bonus coming up. It is dedicated to new clients. The bonus amount will depend on the deposited currency amount. You will receive a welcome bonus whenever your account is fully verified and funded.

Other Features

AvaTrade Broker has offices worldwide and a so-called multi-national trading company. The company headquarter is located in Dublin, Ireland. Its regional offices include Paris, Dublin, Milan, Tokyo, and Sydney. Other offices are in Australia, Chile, China, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Mongolia, and South Africa.

Vigtige detaljer

AvaTrade’s support team is reachable through live chat, E-mail, or call. AvaTrade is also available on Facebook, and Twitter managed by the customer support representatives who answer comments daily. You can call AvaTrade’s international number +353766705834 for more inquiries.

Cryptocurrency trading is open 24/7 på 21:00 GMT. Trading hours varies every month and shut during the holidays. Be updated on the latest holidays trading hours through AvaTrade’s PDF.

Having an idea about the legal documents of a trading company is essential to have successful trading transactions. It includes Risk Disclosure Statement, Complaint Form, Politik om beskyttelse af personlige oplysninger, and other necessary documents.


AvaTrade is a safe trading environment for all types of brokers, regarding the handling of client funds, financial documents, and personal information security. Starting up an account is done by clicking the “Register Now” button and then follows the next procedures. An Account Manager is there to guide new traders in 1:1 forhold. It would be easier to understand the trading field with the help of trading experts. Customer service support is composed of 20 different languages to cater over 200,000 traders around the globe.


AvaTrade allows short-selling as one trading method which can harm trading opportunities in the long run. Well-Established trading analysis is required to fight against the adverse effects of short-selling trade. Keep an eye on paper trading as well. It lacks responsiveness over the clients as no physical money is involved.

Deposits and withdrawals are not allowed during the weekend, which is unfavorable to many traders.

Overordnet dom

Any trader level can put their trust in AvaTrade – the leading online trading around the globe. They promised security upon its client is beyond measure. Thanks to AvaTrade’s reliable and advanced platforms and tools. The way it is open 24/7 is a great surprise for all the traders who take trading industry earnestly. Drawbacks cannot overpower the benefits AvaTrade has to render.

AVATrade Broker

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