Color Coppock Indicator for MetaTrader 5

Color Coppock Indicator for MetaTrader 5

Color Coppock Indicator, named after its creator Edward Coppock, is a momentum-based technical analysis tool. It combines weighted moving averages (WMAs) to identify potential trend reversals. Unlike traditional Coppock indicators, the Color Coppock adds a visual twist by incorporating color-coded signals, making it easier for traders to interpret.

Calculation Methodology

  • Weighted Moving Averages (WMAs): The foundation of the Color Coppock Indicator lies in WMAs. These moving averages assign different weights to recent and historical data points.
  • Coppock Formula: The indicator calculates the sum of two WMAs—one short-term and one long-term. The result is smoothed using an additional WMA. The final value represents the Color Coppock reading.

Trading Strategies

  • Long-Term Investment Approach: Use the Color Coppock to identify long-term trends.
  • Swing Trading with Color Coppock: Capitalize on shorter-term price movements.
  • Combining with Other Indicators: Pair it with RSI, MACD, or other tools for confirmation.

Backtesting And Optimization

  • Historical Performance Analysis: Backtest the Color Coppock on historical data.
  • Parameter Tweaking for Optimal Results: Fine-tune settings for your preferred trading style.
  • Avoiding Overfitting: Balance optimization without over-optimizing.

Advanced Techniques

  • Multi-Timeframe Analysis: Combine Color Coppock readings across different timeframes.
  • Divergence Patterns: Identify divergences between price and indicator.
  • Using Color Coppock in Portfolio Management: Optimize asset allocation.

Automating Trading Strategies

  • Creating Expert Advisors (EAs): Convert Color Coppock signals into automated trades.
  • Backtesting EAs with Color Coppock: Test EAs rigorously.
  • Risk Management with Automation: Set stop-loss and take-profit levels.

How to Trade with Color Coppock Indicator

How to Trade with Color Coppock Indicator

Buy Entry

  1. Coppock Crossing from Below Zero: Look for the classic buy signal when the main Coppock line crosses the zero level from the bottom up.
  2. Long Position: Open a long position in the market. This signal is designed specifically for buying in stock markets and holding positions for a long time.
  3. Stop Loss Placement: Set your stop loss slightly below technical support or recent price lows.
  4. Exit Strategy: Consider closing the position on an opposite signal (when the Coppock line crosses the zero level from top to bottom) or use your own position management rules.

Sell Entry

  1. Coppock Crossing from Above Zero: Identify a sell signal when the main Coppock line crosses the zero level downward.
  2. Short Position: Open a short position in the market.
  3. Stop Loss Placement: Place your stop loss slightly above technical resistance or recent price highs.

Color Coppock Indicator Settings

Color Coppock Indicator Settings


This indicator calculates the Coppock curve, which oscillates around zero and can potentially signal buy and sell opportunities based on its direction and crossovers with the zero line.

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